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HtR Outplacement provides Job Search, Interview Preparation, Career Transition and Self Employment Support across Ireland to businesses and private Individuals through our network of Irish Consultants.

1-2-1 Face-to-Face Outplacement Packages




Full Day Support

€ 575  

Details on Full Day Support

Pathfinder Service

€ 1,695  

Details on Pathfinder Support 6 months support

Pathfinder Plus Service

€ 4,445  

Details on Pathfinder Plus Support 9 months support

Active Marketing Service

€ 6,995  

Details on Active Marketing Service 12 months support




Group Outplacement / Outplacement Workshops




Job Search Workshop

€ 795   

Details on One Day Workshops 10 person inclusive

Job Search Workshop with Separate 1-2-1

Details on Workshop with Separate 1-2-1 Support

Self Employment Workshops

Details on Self Employment Workshops

Assessment Centre Prep Workshops

Details on Assessment Centre Preparation Workshops




To book or for more information please contact us on:

Dublin    01 254 2468










So what makes us different ? Maybe our expertise...

  1. All our Consultants are experienced recruitment professionals, each having over 15 years experience in the industry; they are individuals who understand the job market and have literally reviewed thousands of CV’s over their careers; interviewed hundreds of people; as well as recruited for a vast array of job types
  2. Our Consultants are experts at identifying transferable skills and their understanding of the public, charitable and private sector job markets makes them ideal to provide support to those who are looking at new careers or employment sectors
  3. The support we offer is ‘cutting edge’ focusing on the use of modern technology in job search along with traditional methodology (CV databases fill up to 50% of jobs)
  4. All telephone support is provided by our Consultants and not a call centre
  5. Our professional expertise is such that we train other organisations Advisors & Recruitment Professionals on CV writing; Interview Technique and Job Search techniques
  6. We have a proven track record of getting people back into work. Our current record is 23 hours from supporting an individual with no CV, helping them apply for jobs, and them gaining employment as a direct result
  7. HtR’s Consultants are also chosen for their ability to gain good rapport with the customer. This is partly down to their knowledge and expertise, but also through clear communication and an engaging manner, being able to relate quickly to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and ages

Outplacement, Career Transition and Training Services across Ireland

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